AIX/VIOS Security Advisories

IBM provide a number of resources to keep up to date with security advisory announcements. IBM X-Force Exchange provide an API, IBM Support provide email notifications (along with RSS/Atom feeds), and there is also a JSON feed that comes from For my requirements, I’ve found the JSON feed to contain the data that I need at a glance. It provides me with an abstract, the URL to the advisory, if the fix requires a reboot, and the CVE number along with its associated CVSS score.

This is enough information for me to quickly triage a security advisory and determine if I need to look into it in any further detail. However, looking at raw JSON data isn’t pretty, and I wanted it presented in a format that was a little more involved than what I could do with jq. I ended up writing something in python that you can find on my GitHub page that produces the below formatted table. screenshot screenshot

I’m not using all the available data in the output. Additional items include a link to download a fix (if available) and a list of impacted filesets and versions. It’s not data that I need at a quick glance, and it’s all available at the advisory URL. If anyone wants that data included in the table, I welcome contributions, but also happy to add it in. All this is just me trying to have a better understanding of working with python, and making my day-to-day easier.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.